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Project Type

Project Brief

Twin Production

2023 Jan - April

14 Weeks Project

Robin Keum

Joy Lee

Monica Hwang

Amy Kim

Scenario Making

Future Casting Research

Near Future concept idea for 
digital twin automobile production and supply system for Volkswagen.

Scene Breakdown

Scene Breakdown for

Twin Production Scenario

01. Automobile MR Simulation 
Group 47.png

Tony will try out the new VW trial kit using MR glasses, and haptic driving seat. Software and sample hardware provided by VW to promote their new automobile.

03. 3D Printing Manufacturing
Group 46.png

The factory has the ability to 3D print and manufacture the parts that they need right away in the local factory, without the need to ship and receive from abroad.

02. Location Optimization
Group 44.png

Once Tony’s order go in, the twin production system will find the nearest assembly center for the production of the car.

04. Real Time Update
Group 45.png

Tony gets real time update on not just delivery, but also production, so Tony knows the details and live status of his vehicle.


The team started this research in efforts of learning more about digital twin technology and experimenting with different possible scenario of its use case in near future settings.

Steep X

General research of social, technology, economical, environmental, political, and our x factor, supply chain of near future. This step of the research helps us imagine where our world is heading to and how it works in current moment.

Rectangle 1855.png

“In the future, Digital Twin cities and smart cities will rise and become more common and increase convenience, well-being, and safety of people’s lives”

Rectangle 1858.png

“In the future, New forms of currency will be recognized as a more stable and trustable source”

Rectangle 1856.png

“In the future, Autonomous bots will replace humans and they will work on more efficient and accurate production based on massive data”

Rectangle 1857.png

“In the future, We will reduce waste and use more sustainable and renewable materials and energy to reduce environmental pollution”

Rectangle 1859.png

“In the future, Politics will be more divided based on the different backgrounds of each group of people. More polarized opinions will be viewed across social platforms and different radical ideas will form”

Rectangle 1860.png
X - Supply Chain

“In the future, Advanced Digital twin technologies have driven smart supply chains, and autonomous and AI systems will manage the overall system more efficiently”

Understanding supply chain

As our focus of digital twin narrowed down to application of digital twin in supply chains, we decided to understand current supply chain system and painpoints



Production Process

The Production process for scenario making from world building to video making.

User for the VW Twin Production System
34 years old in year 2040
  • find safe family car for his family and dog
  • Get the car sent to him as soon as possible
  • Customize the details of the vehicle so that it would fit both his and his family’s needs
  • Can’t wait for his car to be shipped from different country which could take months
  • Doesn’t want to leave too much carbon footprint
  • Feels anxious waiting for his vehicle production without knowing what is happening to it

After exploring multiple scenario of digital twin use in automobile production, the team created a storyboard showing the entire story line before moving in to the motion design process

Design Guideline

Color Palette


Asset Development

After creating solid storyline and design system, the team moved on to asset creation for the motion process to visualize the scenario. Each color indicates different component of the video to clearly show the difference between physical, virtual and simulation process

Motion Process

Simple motion design and voice over was used for the video making process. Visual focus was on creating friendly look and feel but also maintaining the futuristic style to indicate that this is future cast scenario

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