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Mobi, Accessible Public Transportation for LA

User Research

Design Strategy

Social Impact



2021 May - August
14 Weeks Project


Solo Project

Project Type

App Design
Mobility Solution

Project Brief

This project questions why LA public transportation is viewed as unsafe or untrustworthy and challenges that belief


Mobi is a public transportation app concept that plans pick up system for users to access public transportation in LA

1. Research
2. Synthesize
3. Design
To find work on LA's Public Transportation Use Rate issue, I conducted research to learn about what problem they have and what kind of design solution I could conceptualize.
1. How did LA’s transportation develop?
2. What makes LA hard for public transportation usage?
3. What do users say?

1.Understanding Public Transportation of LA

United states started with aggressive development of public transportation in the beginning of 1900s but with the introduction of car, US shifted its transportation strategy to make a car friendly driving with highways that go through cities. Public Transportations declined as car industry started to boom in mid 1950s.

US Public Transportation Today 

40 Mins

America’s average wait time for public transportation

$176 Billion

US Public Transportation backlog (In 2021)

$250 Billion

US Public Transportation backlog (Projected in 2029)

2. What makes LA hard for public transportation usage?

By Public Transportation

Group 1646.png

By Car

Group 1645.png
Map layout of big American cities show that most public transportation routes focus on connecting suburbs to downtown or the city center. It becomes a problem when the rider’s destination is to get from suburb to other suburban town for work. The only route possible is to get the the city center and detour to get to the final destination.

3. What do Users say?

Q: Why do you avoid public transportation?
I sent out surveys to 61 people who answered they are not avid riders of public transportation. These are the results I got.

37.7% answered they were worried most about safety followed by 29.5% who had negative image of public transportation.
Frame 8213.png
In order to increase Public Transportation usage, MOBI touches on,


Mobi Home

Shows overview of your planned trips and any updates posted on MOBI NOW


Mobi Now

Shows any updated info of live road situation along your ride and near you. It also allows you to share your live location to your friends and help them keep track of your ETA

Mobi Location.png

Mobi Ghost Mode

Helps you disable your location sharing without having to notify your friends

Mobi Location Home.png
Mobi 33.png
Mobi 22.png

Mobi Ride Plan

To increase accessibility for commuters who live far away from the station, user can plan pick up system to nearest location to their house. 

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