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2023 May - July

14 Weeks Project


Robin Keum

Joy Lee

Project Type

App Design
Banknote Design

Project Brief

Creo is a sponsor studio class with ArtCenter and Koenig and Bauer Banknote Solutions. Students were challenged to imagine future of banknote designs.


Project Creo is a future banknote design concept with a personal financial planning app to complete the experience. The goal of this project if to empower users to get inspired and to build healthy spending and investment habit.

App Design
What does your relationship with money look like?
Money and Cash is tied with many negative connotations. It makes one feel like they are greedy or materialistic when they think about their financial ambition. However, Money is essential for our living. We interact with it everyday in our lives.
Money is like a building block.
Relationship with money has to be build up.
Project Creo is designed around the core concept of Youth and Creativity. Just like children playing with toy blocks, we designed banknote that inspires people to dream bigger and start building healthy relationship with money.
“Imagination is the beginning of creation.
You will what you imagine”
Inspired by the quote of George Bernard Shaw,
Project Creo is designed to bring back the feeling 
of youth and creativity back to banknote interaction
Asset 2 1.png
Banknote Front

Front design of the banknote shows the block elements that were used to portray the concept of youth and creativity. Portrait of Young Mozart inspires the users to go beyond their limit and accomplish their goals.

Banknote Back

The forever continuing staircase design on the back side of the banknote design shows the endless limit each bill carries. Through thoughtful spending, saving and investing, each banknote has the potential of unlocking and building the dream of each user.

Design Elements 

Every design element used in banknote design is also used for security features. The highlighted elements in front and back side of banknote is used for security features to prevent the banknote getting forged or copied.

Introducing Creo App

The goal of this project is to inspire each user of the banknote to create healthy relationship with money. Adding to the concept, the Creo Financial Planner App provides user with practical methods of learning and trying building financial plan. 

Meet Juni
Creo App UI
Goal Setting

Home of Creo App shows the overview of user's financial status. The weather icon is used to show how healthy their financial habits are currently. 

Creo &Beyond helps the user set different saving or investment goal. It lets the user dream with the app system and show their progress through app's home dashboard.

User can add their current cash spending through scanning their receipt or their physical bill to add it to their app. Since it is easy for users to lose track of their cash spending, Creo &Beyond simplified the cash use inputting experience

In order to help users gain more information about investment and how the financial situation is, &Beyond education helps users learn about the investment information and terminology from the app.

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